Meet the Partners

Jeremy Kaplan
Founder, Partner & Idealist for New Old Stock, 2014

A follower of minimalism and contemporary architecture, Jeremy has appreciated great design since childhood. Growing up and living amongst some of the timeless design masters, Eames, Corbusier, and Saarinen mixed in with some danish modern left a lasting impression.  Jeremy has always been interested in how raw materials are transformed into functional work and living spaces. Coupled with a dream to create modern, simplistic, smart dwellings and the need to continually evolve his creative side, Jeremy decided to start New Old Stock with Jason Halter in 2014.

Jason Halter
Founder, Partner & Design Director for New Old Stock, 2014

Design and architecture occupy a central position in the practice of Jason Halter and New Old Stock. Having gained his formative experience under the tutelage of one of the world’s most important designers, Bruce Mau, Jason has won international acclaim for his innovative approach to design and art production. His unfettered curiosity and ability to realize ideas have made him intuit and manifest design solutions in new and novel ways.